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Automated Trading
If you are anything like us, you may have tried courses on how to trade, you may have invested in two or three screens to watch the charts each day, been consumed by the whole opportunity, only to then become completely stressed and fatigued and emotional by the losses easily accrued! Tree3s™ Holistic Asset Management (HAM) trading system facilitates traditional asset management and strategic asset allocation and portfolio structure whilst it also allows the active trader maintain low-risk returns accross a diverse range of asset classes. The program can be deployed as a hands-off fully automated portfolio management system for index futures & commodities markets traders, or alternatively as a classic hands-on asset management tool where there exists a requirement to adjust the risk according to investor profile and requirements.

The Ideal Trading Strategy
Built from the ground up with both the active trader's everyday demands in mind as well as the Asset Manager considerations at the heart of its processes, the Tree3s™ Holistic Asset Management (HAM) is a moderate low-frequency algorithmic trading program ideal for fund managers. The strategy is primarily a mathematical and computational scientific model of a complex automated system based on fractal analysis of price patterns, sacred geometry, time cycles and convergences together with a technical analysis for the placing long & short entry and exit trades into the stock market. The Tree3s™ Portfolio Asset Management computer program is the result of a joint effort by computer science graduates: Steven and Nicholas. The algorithmic trading system is not HFT/sniping algorithm! Rather, Tree3s™ is a genuine trader’s strategy and asset management program developed with the flexibility to either fully or partly automate trading and asset management. Having been painstakingly developed over many years Tree3s™ is probably the most ambitious project built for MultiCharts™. Special attention has been given to many requirements when managing a portfolio and risk. With its diverse range of inputs Tree3s™ has the flexibility to meet all asset management and portfolio trading needs.

Thousands of Computations the Minute
The Tree3s™ performs many thousands of calculations and algorithmic processes every minute and adjusts the trading style and position sizing as market conditions and expectations change and to ensure trade account integrity. These processes consistently monitor, measure and calculate the next opportunity and make the trading system very effective when compared to traditional methods. The Tree3s™ Trading System & Methods is trader-intuitive and allows full control of all trading activity. Long / short trades are placed in real-time as are the execution of all exit targets and stops. There are many advantages when deploying the algorithmic trading strategy. One advantage is that misguided human emotions are removed from important trading decisions. The Tree3s™ Trading System employs sophisticated calculations and algorithmic processes proprietary to the Tree3s™ Trading System & Methods that are developed and rigorously tested over many years and through extreme market conditions so the trader can be confident that the Account Under Management (AUM) is only ever exposed to controlled and calculated risk. Tree3s™ will take vital trading decisions and at the most critical times, which can often occur outside normal trading session hours, or in the early morning hours when most of the world is asleep. Algorithms monitor the technical outlook continuously watching every beat of the market. Exposure to risk is continuously appraised as both future anticipated and real-time market technical analysis change. Tree3s™ will automatically manage system events and inform via automated alerts, regular e-mails and SMS text messages and updates directly to an iPhone™, iPad™ or Blackberry™ PDA allowing the trader to stay informed at all times. Rather than just a series of indicators and alerts, Tree3s™ is truly a most useful fully automated trading strategy and low-frequency algorithmic trading system available to the institutional trader, hedge fund, Portfolio and Asset Manager. The Tree3s™ program can be managed remotely from any secure dedicated server anywhere in the world and could also be used by self-starters, strategic traders, active day-traders, institutional investors, alternative investment managers, long/short equity, high-net-worth individuals, sophisticated investors, proprietary traders and portfolio traders who demand low risk consistent returns.

Overview of Tree3s™ Core Performance Results
Tree3s™ long / short equity strategy with: 9% net exposure for long/short startegies and less than 15% peak to trough drawdowns and more than 18% annualized returns with conservative risk settings.

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Tree3s Trading System
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